Our company deals with complete works of wet painting and finishing. Wet coating is the most common way to a assess and protect the surface products made from metals, plastics, wood and composites. These claim using of materials with high resistance and quality. Our own paint mixing device with materials from world producers PPG, MAXMEYER and allows us to find and mix any shade of color and metallic paint with digital precision and visual 3M PPS resonance lamp. We offer paints and materials on bases water for using in car refinishing or conventional systems on bases polyurethane and acrylic resins for industry and production. Â Our state of the art precision technology processes allow us to minimize the time preparation and painting of products for the mass production of high conservation quality. Individual access to customer, quality surface preparation, and accurate choise of top quality primary materials, clear topcoats and paints is a priority for holdbacking of longlife professional quality of our painting services. Kubištík Rudolf, Horná Streda č. 714, 91624, Tel.+421 908 613404 Tel.+421 907 520051 e-mail: kubistikrudolf@lakovanie.com