Kubištík Rudolf, Horná Streda č. 714, 91624, Tel.+421 908 613404 Tel.+421 907 520051 e-mail: kubistikrudolf@lakovanie.com Mr. Rudolf Kubištík the wet painting and related technologies entertained since 1980th. First his experiences and acquire knowledge in public and industrial paint shops enterprices. He began to use his gained knowledges for private sector and automotive industry. Since 2007 new premises and expanding of the our team together with a new technologies to promise the quality of painting and finishing on the world-class quality. Our space is closed modern paintshop with the desktop 250 square meters. Technical equipment: Paint booth USI Italia Modulo Master II - Techno (4x7x2,7m), Drying chamber (4x7x3m) 30 - 120°C. Infrared heater IRT 300 Gas forklift stacker Nissan DF 1,5 t. 3M PPS resonance lamp. vacuum cleaner, pneumatic grinding machine RUPES.